Expanding AI Education to Rural Munster through Skill-Up-A-Thons

Published March 19, 2024

Businesses throughout Munster are presented with unique opportunities to enhance their workforces' capabilities in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI). A collaborative venture involving RDI Hub, FIT (Fastrack into Information Technology), and backing from local authorities, ETBs, and the Connected Hubs network, is rolling out a series of AI Skill-Up-A-Thons aimed at promoting AI proficiency. These initiatives are tailored to present learners in rural areas with accessible, cutting-edge AI training.

Launching AI Skill-Up-A-Thons Across Rural Munster

The AI Skill-Up-A-Thons are orchestrated as an educational tour, set to visit Cavan, Galway, Kilkenny, Mayo, and Tipperary, with additional locations expected to be announced. These learning events will take place both online and in person until September, offering flexibility to participants. Masterclasses focusing on AI aim to empower individuals by demystifying the technology and demonstrating its practical value in both personal and professional contexts.

Bringing AI Benefits to All

Danielle Barr, director of training & employment services at FIT, stressed the importance of making AI knowledge widely accessible. Barr explained that the goal is to not only spread awareness but also to ensure profound comprehension of AI's advantages for educational and career advancements. The spread of AI Skill-Up-A-Thons in rural locales via Connected Hubs is a strategic move to bridge the technological gap and fertilize the ground for inclusive learning.

Personal Testimonies of AI Skill-Up-A-Thons' Impact

One participant, Sandra Hennigan, recounted her rewarding experience of enhancing her expertise in AI. She emphasized the value this newfound knowledge brought to her career, fostering greater productivity and innovation. Hennigan highly recommended seizing the opportunity to develop AI proficiencies, highlighting the confidence she gained in implementing AI tools within her field of work.

RDI Hub's Dedication to AI Excellence

Liam Cronin, CEO of RDI Hub, underscored the organzation's longstanding commitment to AI research and education. Referencing the hub's namesake after AI pioneer Prof John McCarthy, Cronin expressed the importance of honoring AI legacies while driving forward the AI learning curve across Munster. Engagements with entities such as Microsoft are instrumental in delivering premier AI masterclasses, ensuring a sustained impact on AI advancements in the forthcoming years.

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