AdTheorent Secures 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

Published March 20, 2024

AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc., known for trailblazing with machine learning, has earned significant recognition, bagging the prestigious 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award. Their innovative work in programmatic advertising through privacy-conscious approaches solidifies their position as a leader in the industry.

Groundbreaking Achievement in AI

Business Intelligence Group (B.I.G.) has identified AdTheorent as a winner among other contenders for its remarkable contribution to AI technology. Pioneering with their unique AdTheorent Predictive Audiences, built using the company's proprietary platform ABi, the company has transformed how audience targeting is realized without relying on traditional IDs.

Innovative Targeting without Compromising Privacy

The sophisticated Predictive Audience Builder known as ABi utilizes advanced algorithms to generate and apply predictive models, enhancing audience quality ratings. This tool strides away from industry norms by not directly targeting the seed data set it mimics. Instead, signals are read, and a predictive model scores programmatic inventory for reaching potential audience members with higher accuracy, all the while upholding user privacy by not employing cookies or IDs.

Superior Performance with Privacy-Forward Approach

AdTheorent's commitment to AI and machine learning spans close to a decade, refining state-of-the-art solutions that ensure advertisers drive superior results sans cookies. This dedication has culminated in the company's recognition by B.I.G.'s distinguished judges. CEO Jim Lawson credits this as a testament to their sophisticated and differentiated AI-powered advertising technologies. The company's sustained innovation offers targeted AdTheorent Predictive Audiences, which alongside their KPI-based scoring, leads to unparalleled data-driven precision and success.

A Symbol of Excellence

The Business Intelligence Group, through Chief Nominations Officer Maria Jimenez, has commended AdTheorent for their steadfast pursuit of excellence and innovation with AI-based products. This accolade not only rewards their technological strides but also emphasizes the positive impact they impose on the industry.

About AdTheorent

AdTheorent employs advanced machine learning technologies and privacy-centric solutions, delivering high-impact advertising campaigns. Their suite, which includes predictive targeting and audience extension solutions among others, is built on non-sensitive data, leveraging the predictive capacity of their machine learning models to match advertisers with the most suitable consumer profiles and optimal creative experience. In addition to the recent recognition, AdTheorent has a history of accolades, further establishing their authority in the digital advertising landscape.

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