Dell Technologies Sees a Boost from New Tesla Contract

Published May 17, 2024

A recent interaction between Dell Technologies and Tesla has made waves on Wall Street. The buzz is around a significant deal where Dell secured a notable share of Tesla's contracts for building out their AI servers. Stocks for Dell Technologies saw an upward swing this week, influenced by this collaboration with the electric vehicle and clean energy giant.

Rising Stocks and AI Demand

Dell's stock price saw a 14.2% increase by the week's end, guided by a broader surge in AI stock values. This boost comes in the wake of tech juggernaut Alphabet introducing new AI-centric features at its developer conference, which has reignited investor interest in AI technology.

Tesla Partners with Dell

The heart of Dell's stock jump is attributed to securing a piece of Tesla's plans for expanding their AI server capabilities. Industry analysts have highlighted that Dell's involvement in Tesla's AI server projects could potentially add $2.5 to $3 billion to Dell's revenue this year. While this figure may only be a fraction of Dell's total $88.4 billion revenue last year, its strategic position in the burgeoning AI sector is a focal point of investor attention.

Despite Super Micro Computer's rapid growth and early advances in the AI server market, Dell's sheer scale as a larger entity presents a promising opportunity to capitalize on the AI surge too.

The Road Ahead for Dell

No official statement regarding the deal specifics with Tesla has been made by Dell, leaving some details in the shadows until the company's next earnings announcement on May 30. Analysts anticipate a revenue increase and will be paying special attention to Dell's ventures in AI, particularly those involving Tesla, as these could significantly influence Dell's market performance moving forward, regardless of other market pressures.

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