Ignite Planners LLC Increases Its Ownership in Oracle Co.

Published March 17, 2024

Ignite Planners LLC has recently expanded its investment in Oracle Co., a prominent enterprise software provider. In the fourth quarter, the firm raised its shares in Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) by 21.3%, as reported in its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The additional purchase of 525 shares brought Ignite Planners LLC's total ownership to 2,985 shares, valued at approximately $311,000 by the end of the quarter.

Other Institutional Investors Follow Suit

Ignite Planners isn't alone in adjusting its portfolio; other institutional investors have also made recent changes to their Oracle holdings. Fairfield Bush & CO. increased their stake by 3.1%, now owning 73,791 shares. AMI Investment Management Inc. saw a 2.9% rise, while Baird Financial Group Inc. went up by a significant 29.2%. Moreover, Zions Bancorporation N.A. and Covestor Ltd boosted their investments by 79.6% and 125.2%, respectively. Overall, hedge funds and other institutional investors hold 42.44% of Oracle's stock.

Oracle's Market Performance

With the stock opening at $125.54 on a notable Friday, Oracle has seen a fluctuating year with lows of $82.08 and highs of $129.37. The company's financial health is indicated by several key ratios, including a high debt-to-equity ratio of 13.34. Oracle's market capitalization stands at $345.05 billion, backed by a stable price-to-earnings ratio. Following their recent earnings report which surpassed expectations, Oracle's stock holds a price target consensus of 'Moderate Buy' from analysts.

Upcoming Dividend and Analyst Perspectives

Oracle has announced a forthcoming quarterly dividend pay-out of $0.40 per share, which demonstrates a yield of 1.27% and a payout ratio of 42.22%. While some analysts have reduced their target prices, the overall outlook remains positive with a majority still recommending a 'buy' rating for the stock.

Insider Sales Reported

In related news, Oracle’s director Naomi O. Seligman has recently sold a sizable number of shares, which was promptly disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Insider holdings constitute a significant portion of Oracle’s stock, making such transactions notable to current and potential investors.

Oracle's Business Endeavors

Oracle Corporation continues to innovate in its field, providing an array of cloud-based software services globally. Its offerings cater to various aspects of business operation and management, ensuring its significance in the enterprise IT market.

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