Evolve to Debut Canada's First AI-Enhanced Investment Fund in March 2024

Published March 21, 2024

Evolve Funds Group Inc. (Evolve) is set to launch ARTI, the first Artificial Intelligence Fund in Canada, designed to utilize generative AI to improve portfolio construction. By filing a final prospectus, Evolve takes a significant step towards introducing this innovative investment vehicle which they manage actively. The goal of ARTI is to offer investors a chance to invest in companies that stand to gain from the global escalation of AI utilization.

Partnership with

In collaboration with, Evolve aims to leverage proprietary LLM technology to identify the prime AI enterprises shaping the future. This model uses large language model technology to evaluate the relevance of firms based on their potential to prosper amid increasing AI adoption globally. The process involves analyzing extensive data sets to perform diverse language-related functions, contributing to selecting optimal companies for the fund.

Leadership in Disruptive Technology

Evolve has been a front-runner in disruptive tech ETFs, with an ETF portfolio that includes cybersecurity, cloud computing, and even the Metaverse. The addition of ARTI aims to offer a specialized AI ETF option as a continuation of their innovative streak. Raj Lala, President and CEO of Evolve ETFs, expresses excitement about the partnership with, which enables the creation of a fund composed of leading AI contributors.'s Role in the Fund

Joshua Pantony, Co-Founder, and CEO of, shares the enthusiasm for working with Evolve and the groundbreaking application of LLM technology in this context.'s collaboration is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the investment landscape with AI technologies. The AI models used are designed to support richer decision-making, blending investment expertise with machine learning capabilities.

Fund Details and Investor Information

The Evolve Artificial Intelligence Fund, known by its ticker symbol ARTI, will be accessible to investors, providing a focused investment option in the burgeoning field of AI. With over $7.2 billion in assets under management, Evolve stands as one of the progressive ETF providers since its inception in 2017, specializing in creating products that make a difference for Canadian investors. Potential investors are reminded to read the prospectus carefully as it contains further details regarding fund risks and fees, and they should monitor their holdings regularly.

Investing in ETFs carries associated risks, including the potential for loss. Forward-looking statements should be considered with caution as they are estimations and actual performances might vary.

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