Telestream Unveils AI-Enhanced Media Processing Tools at NAB Show 2024

Published March 19, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of media, Telestream, a prominent player in video technology solutions, has announced the launch of their new AI-driven media processing tools at the NAB Show 2024 in Nevada City, California. These innovative tools are set to revolutionize the way media professionals overcome production and delivery challenges in a multi-platform environment that includes OTT services, social media, and traditional TV, among others.

Optimizing Remote Production Workflows

The new suite includes GLIM as a Service, a cloud-based offering that promises to dramatically simplify access to high-resolution content for remote production teams. This service enables instant playback of any format via a web browser, eliminating the need for downloading large files or using specialized hardware.

Enhancing Live Content Capture

Recognizing the increasing demand for live content, Telestream introduces Cloud-based Live Capture as a Service. This solution eases the capture and processing of live feeds allowing production teams to sidestep the complexities of remote live capture systems setup and maintenance, thus expediting the transition from capture to broadcast.

Elevating Content Quality Standards

Updates to the Qualify QC feature groundbreaking improvements such as IMF compliance with Netflix Photon support, Harding FPA tests for detecting seizure-inducing content, and enhancements for Dolby audio and visual standards, which ensures the delivery of superior media experiences.

Breaking Through Media Processing Bottlenecks

Telestream addresses significant industry bottlenecks by integrating AI in their Vantage Workflow Designer, QC tools, and captioning processes, thereby automating and speeding up media processing workflows while simplifying the adoption of new technologies.

Monitoring Emerging Protocols with Inspect

The Inspect Monitoring Platform is introduced for ST 2110, SRT, and NDI protocols, offering rigorous monitoring capabilities that ensure media stream integrity and optimize broadcasting and streaming operations for all platforms.

Introducing DIVA 9 for Hybrid Content Storage

DIVA 9 offers a seamless hybrid content management solution that smartly transitions media assets between local and cloud-based storage, offering a balance of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and secure storage strategies.

These developments demonstrate Telestream's commitment to providing advanced tools to help media professionals efficiently produce and deliver high-quality content worldwide. Interested parties can find out more about Telestream's offerings at NAB Show 2024 or contact their spokesperson for further insights.

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