SK hynix Launches Mass Production of Revolutionary HBM3E Memory for NVIDIA's Latest AI GPU

Published March 20, 2024

SK hynix has officially started the mass production of its latest and most advanced AI memory technology, the HBM3E memory. This significant step follows the successful supply of the product to a key customer, widely understood to be NVIDIA, as early as March of this year. The commencement of volume production marks a new milestone for the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market and the AI industry as a whole.

First in the Market with HBM3E

The company has established itself as the industry's front-runner by becoming the first supplier of next-generation HBM3E memory. The launch of HBM3E comes after SK hynix's HBM3 memory has already earned its stripes in the AI GPU market. This move is set to further reinforce their position at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology.

Investment and Partnership

Having invested an additional $1 billion into the development of future HBM memory technologies, SK hynix is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining its leadership in the market. The integration of its HBM3E memory into NVIDIA's Blackwell B200 AI GPU is reflective of the company's continuous strive for innovation and excellence.

Sungsoo Ryu, Head of the HBM Business at SK hynix, emphasized that entering mass production solidifies SK hynix's comprehensive portfolio of AI memory products. Ryu highlights the importance of their long-standing partnership with customers and the dedication to their role as a holistic AI memory provider.

Performance and Capabilities

The new HBM3E memory by SK hynix boasts unparalleled speeds and efficient heat management capabilities. It has the capacity to process data at speeds of 1.18TB per second, which is akin to transferring the data of 230 Full HD movies, each about 5GB in size, in just one second.