Universal Music Group and Roland Release AI Music Creation Guidelines

Published March 20, 2024

Universal Music Group (UMG), a leading music corporation, and the renowned musical instrument company Roland, have announced a collaborative manifesto focusing on the ethical application of artificial intelligence (AI) in music production. This manifesto, titled Principles for Music Creation with AI, emerges from a new partnership that promises to explore the frontiers of AI technology while prioritizing creative integrity.

Mapping the Future of AI in Music

UMG and Roland's partnership will feature the setting up of a joint research and development center, aiming to refine AI technologies for music. Additionally, they aim to initiate a project on tracing music origin and ownership, as well as integrating Roland’s offerings into UMG’s global music production facilities.

The manifesto by the two companies offers guidance on the ethical use of AI in the music industry, proposing a series of seven key principles. These principles underscore the intrinsic value of music to humanity, the importance of respecting human-generated works, the necessity of transparency in AI, the need to honor the views of music creators, and the role of technology in enhancing human creativity.

The Significance of Ethical AI Use

The document reflects a shared commitment to ensuring that AI is employed to support, rather than supplant, human creativity. It aligns with the goals of the Human Artistry Campaign, advocating for AI to bolster rather than diminish human artistic expression.

The joining of forces by UMG and Roland looks to influence the broader music community and stakeholders to adopt these AI principles. Michael Nash, the Chief Digital Officer at Universal Music Group, highlighted UMG's long-term commitment to ethically leveraging AI to enrich human creativity and innovation across the music sector. Roland's Chief Innovation Officer, Masahiro Minowa, also emphasized safeguarding artists' rights alongside embracing technological advancements.

Through initiatives such as the collaboration with BandLab Technologies, participation in a copyright infringement case against the company Anthropic, and partnerships with YouTube and Endel, UMG has actively pursued the responsible use of AI. Meanwhile, Roland Corporation has embraced AI technology in its operations, including its partnership with Language Weaver, displaying an interest in AI's potential while upholding a commitment to creativity and artistry.

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