Significant Salary Boosts for AI-Skilled Workers in India Predicted by AWS Study

Published March 19, 2024

According to fresh insights from Amazon Web Services, workers in India equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) competencies might experience substantial salary increments. An AWS research anticipates that these professionals could witness pay increases of up to 54%, with the most pronounced growth in sectors such as information technology (IT) and research and development (R&D).

AI Drives Salary Surges in IT and R&D

The AWS report underscores a strong salary surge potential for Indian workers with AI skills, particularly in the IT and R&D sectors. While AI's application spans various industries, these two sectors may offer the most lucrative rewards for AI-proficient employees.

Corporate Landscape to Become AI-Centric by 2028

Corporate visions align with a future where AI is integral to business operations. An overwhelming 99% of employers believe that by 2028, their companies will be AI-driven. The forecasted benefits of AI are comprehensive, impacting a wide array of departments from finance, which 97% of employers see as the primary beneficiary, to IT, R&D, sales, marketing, business operations, human resources, and legal departments.

The Rise of Generative AI Tools

Generative AI tools are expected to become common in the workplace within five years, as indicated by 98% of employers and employees surveyed. A significant 73% of employers speculate that these tools will chiefly contribute to heightened innovation and creativity.

The Current State of AI Skills and Market Needs

The 'Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Asia-Pacific Workforce for Jobs of the Future' report, which sampled over 1,600 workers and 500 employers in India, revealed a considerable skills gap in the AI domain. Hiring individuals knowledgeable in AI is a priority for nearly all employers (96%), yet 79% report difficulties in finding qualified AI talent. This signals an urgent call for better alignment among governments, industry players, and educational institutions.

AI Upskilling: A Cross-Generational Aspiration

The desire to master AI skills is widespread among Indian workers across different generations. The research noted that the intent to acquire AI expertise is strong, with robust figures across generational lines: 95% of Gen Z, 96% of Millennials, 93% of Gen X, and even 90% of Baby Boomers express eagerness to upskill in AI, showcasing a collective recognition of AI's value in the professional landscape.

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