Palantir's Position in the AI Stock Market

Published March 15, 2024

Palantir Technologies is well-known in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector for its robust software solutions. The company’s expertise is rooted in a combination of an advanced product lineup and extensive AI deployment experience over the years. While Palantir is celebrated for its AI capabilities, the question remains whether it’s a wise investment option at present.

Palantir's AI offerings are tailored to suit specific business needs, differing from generic AI solutions available in the market. These personalized services stem from Palantir's origins as a provider for government entities, such as the Department of Defense. Palantir still garners significant revenue from government contracts, but its growth is increasingly fueled by the commercial sector, with notably a 70% year-over-year revenue increase in that domain.

The catapult for this surge is Palantir’s own Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP), which allows for the integration of complex language models into businesses, akin to tools like ChatGPT or Alphabet’s Google Gemini. However, AIP scores by addressing privacy concerns that come with using such third-party platforms and simplifying the integration of large language models into company systems. The market response to AIP has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a substantial demand.

Despite Palantir's success as a company and the warm reception of products like AIP, investors find themselves facing a steep price tag when it comes to acquiring Palantir stock. The stock’s high premium is driven by expectations that may surpass the company’s growth prospects. Although Palantir's business is solid and the company is on a path to continued success, the high valuation baked into the stock price might hinder future stock growth.

Comparatively, companies like CrowdStrike and Snowflake present a more appealing growth-to-valuation balance, offering competitive services in cybersecurity and data cloud software, respectively, at more reasonable premiums. Consequently, investors looking for AI stocks might find better value and growth potential elsewhere.

Summing up, while Palantir leads in AI expertise and market demand for its products, it may not be the best choice for investors right now due to its expensive stock valuation compared to its growth rate. Alternatives in the AI space may provide superior investment opportunities.

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