Schneider Electric and NVIDIA Forge Alliance to Boost AI-Powered Data Centers

Published March 18, 2024

Schneider Electric, renowned for spearheading the digital revolution in energy management and automation, has announced a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA, aiming to elevate data center infrastructure with a primary focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twin technologies. This partnership is marked by the introduction of new AI data center reference designs to streamline the incorporation of NVIDIA's advanced accelerated computing platform into data centers.

Advancing AI Deployment and Operation

The demand for AI applications has been escalating, exerting pressure on data centers to deliver higher processing power while maintaining energy efficiency and scalability. Schneider Electric's and NVIDIA's joint venture seeks to address these needs by offering state-of-the-art reference designs for AI workloads, with an emphasis on performance, scalability, and sustainability. The designs promise to simplify the integration of high-powered AI solutions, ensuring a more efficient and resilient data center ecosystem.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Next-Gen Data Processing

In the partnership's first phase, Schneider Electric is set to launch sophisticated reference designs that align with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing clusters. These are tuned for a variety of tasks such as data processing, engineering simulation, and computer-aided drug design, with particular attention to high-power distribution and liquid-cooling systems. This is anticipated to redefine AI deployment benchmarks within data centers, providing operators with tools vital for accommodating new high-density AI servers whether in existing or newly built facilities.

Future Prospects and Digital Twins

Expanding the collaboration's scope, AVEVA, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, will link its digital twin platform to NVIDIA Omniverse. This paves the way for immersive virtual simulation and collaboration, potentially reducing time-to-market and operational costs across industries. By connecting digital intelligence with real-world applications, this integration stands to revolutionize how industries operate, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

In the coming years, Schneider Electric and NVIDIA are excited to explore further novel use cases and applications, bolstering their shared vision of driving technology-forward for a positive global impact.

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