Denmark Invests in AI Innovation with Nvidia Supercomputer

Published March 19, 2024

Denmark is taking a bold step towards the future of technology and innovation by setting up a new national center for artificial intelligence. This center is poised to be a breakthrough facility with an Nvidia AI supercomputer at its heart. The goal is to propel Denmark forward in critical areas including healthcare, life sciences, and environmental efforts.

Novo Nordisk Foundation Spearheads the AI Initiative

The Novo Nordisk Foundation, which has considerable influence through its control of pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, along with the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark, are the driving forces behind this innovative center. They envision it as a hub where Danish researchers from both public and private sectors can utilize the supercomputer to achieve scientific breakthroughs.

Collaborative Opportunities with Nvidia

Nvidia's involvement extends beyond providing hardware. Researchers will be able to collaborate with Nvidia's specialized teams to push the boundaries in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and even quantum computing. According to Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the power of AI brings an unprecedented opportunity to speed up research in vital areas affecting human and planetary health.

Fostering Advancements in Multiple Sectors

The AI supercomputer can transform how diseases are diagnosed and treated and can also innovate drug discovery and life sciences research. With the new center and Nvidia's partnership, Denmark can embark on ambitious projects spanning diverse fields.

Gefion: The Supercomputer's Name and Arrival

Named Gefion, the supercomputer is being constructed by Eviden, part of the French tech company Atos. Eviden is tasked with delivering, installing, and setting up Gefion later in 2024, ensuring it's operational for the pilot projects slated for the end of the year.

Funding and Company Structure

The venture is supported financially by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with an investment of roughly 600 million Danish kroner ($87.5 million). The Danish government's Export and Investment Fund contributes a further DKK100 million. They've established a dedicated company, the Danish Centre for AI Innovation, to manage the supercomputer, with all profits being reinvested into the AI initiative. The government fund holds a 15% share in the company.

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