AI and ML Take Center Stage at Naval Applications of Machine Learning Workshop

Published March 15, 2024

The Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific recently hosted the eighth installment of the annual Naval Applications of Machine Learning (NAML) workshop, which was attended by experts and innovators across various sectors. The event, held in San Diego from March 11-14, aimed to explore the evolving impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on maritime security and defense.

Collaborative Efforts for Future Defense

The four-day workshop provided a crucial platform for over 600 participants from government, academia, and industry to converse and collaborate. These interactions are essential for fostering the relationships and ideas that will keep maritime operations at the forefront of technological advancements.

Key Insights from Military Leadership

The workshop featured a keynote speech by U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Jack Long, who set the tone of the event by unveiling insights into the draft of the Marine Corps’ AI Strategy. Long emphasized the concept of 'fighting smart' - using AI and ML to enhance decision-making and maintain a strategic advantage in combat scenarios.

Long also shared insights on the Marine Corps' objectives to enhance its warfare capabilities through cutting-edge technology, emphasizing the need for swift and smart decision-making processes to disrupt and defeat adversary strategies.

Shaping the Future of Naval Warfare

With AI/ML technologies becoming more integral to military strategy, the Navy and Marine Corps are focused on leveraging these tools to adapt to changing threats and operational demands. NAML showcases advancements in ML research and aims to foster innovation and collaboration across Navy warfare centers and defense organizations.

Rapid Growth and Dynamic Agendas

The NAML event has seen significant growth since its inception, as expressed by Dr. Katie Rainey, a NIWC Pacific scientist and founding organizer of the event. It has expanded to feature around 150 technical talks and 60 posters, covering both unclassified and classified information. The topics presented ranged from developing AI for low-data environments to ensuring the reliability of AI systems in critical situations.

Forging War-Winning Innovations

NIWC Pacific's role in organizing NAML goes beyond just hosting the event. As part of the larger NAVWAR mission, NIWC Pacific is dedicated to research, development, and integration of advanced systems to support information warfare, ensuring the Navy's edge in modern combat engagements.

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