High Pines Wealth Management LLC Amplifies NVIDIA Co. Holdings

Published March 25, 2024

High Pines Wealth Management LLC has recently augmented its investment in NVIDIA Co. (NASDAQ:NVDA), as per the latest Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm expanded its stock position by 3.4% in the fourth quarter, purchasing an additional 54 shares, which brought their total share count to 1,629. This increase strengthens NVIDIA's role in their portfolio, where it now constitutes 1.2% and ranks as their 13th largest holding. By the close of the reporting period, High Pines Wealth Management LLC's NVIDIA shares were valued at approximately $807,000.

Broader Investment Trend

High Pines is not the only institutional investor adjusting their NVIDIA stakes. United Bank, for instance, elevated its NVIDIA shareholding by 28.9% during the first quarter, now owning 7,717 shares. Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. also upped its position by 6.8%, attaining a total of 3,904,772 NVIDIA shares. On the other hand, MAS Advisors LLC increased their count by 42.1%, and Navis Wealth Advisors LLC boosted their holdings by a substantial 205.3%. Ergoteles LLC kicked off a new position with NVIDIA, marking another vote of confidence from the investing community. Overall, 65.27% of NVIDIA's stock is held by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Analyst Perspectives

Analysts have shown robust interest in NVIDIA, with a variety of upgrades and target price adjustments. Sanford C. Bernstein upgraded their price objective from $700 to $1,000, marking a strong optimism towards the company. Similarly, Raymond James and Piper Sandler Companies raised their price objectives, reflecting a bullish outlook. Research organizations Needham & Company LLC and Rosenblatt Securities also provided favorable ratings and price targets. MarketBeat notes a "Moderate Buy" consensus rating for NVIDIA, with one strong buy, several buy ratings, and a few holds.

Inside Movements

Noteworthy transactions by corporate insiders include sales by Director Mark A. Stevens and insider Donald F. Robertson, Jr. Such sales disclosed to the SEC entail large amounts and are part of the transparent reporting required by company executives and stakeholders.

NVIDIA's Market Performance

NVIDIA has experienced a trading increase of 3.1%, with the price opening at $942.89. The company maintains stable financial indicators, with a PE ratio of 78.97 and a PEG ratio of 1.36, suggesting potential for future growth. The computer hardware maker outperformed quarterly earnings expectations and witnessed a significant year-over-year revenue surge of 265.3%.

Dividend Announcement

NVIDIA has also announced a dividend payable to shareholders, affirming its commitment to providing returns to investors. Despite a modest yield, the dividend issuance is an important aspect of NVIDIA's financial policy.


NVIDIA Corporation is globally recognized for its graphics, compute and networking solutions, serving various sectors from gaming to enterprise workstations, and leading advancements in the metaverse and 3D application spheres.

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