James Blunt Feels 'Humiliated' by AI's Take on His Songwriting

Published March 20, 2024

James Blunt, the British singer-songwriter known for his hit 'You're Beautiful,' has experienced a technological blow to his ego. During a discussion on the I Never Thought It Would Happen podcast, hosted by Chris Difford, Blunt revealed how he felt 'humiliated' after using artificial intelligence to create lyrics in the style of his own songwriting.

Embracing Technology in Songwriting

Blunt noted that many up-and-coming musicians are increasingly relying on advances in technology, including AI, to assist in their creative processes. Curious about the capabilities of such technology, Blunt decided to put AI to the test to see if it could successfully mimic his lyrical approach.

An Unflattering Result

The results, however, were less than flattering. According to Blunt, the AI either produced exceedingly generic lyrics or, as Blunt humorously suggested, his own lyrics might simply be 'absolutely mundane.' This realization led him to feel rather 'humiliated' by the encounter with AI, as it put his songwriting into a potentially unremarkable light.

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