Xiaofei Wang Named Chair of IEEE 802.11 AI and Machine Learning Committee

Published March 20, 2024

In a significant move within the tech community, InterDigital, Inc. (IDCC) celebrated the ascension of Xiaofei Wang to the position of Chair of the IEEE 802.11 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) Standing Committee. Wang, renowned for his expertise and leadership within AIML, previously held the Chair of the IEEE 802.11 Topic Interest Group focused on the same field.

Xiaofei Wang's Role and the AIML Committee

The IEEE 802.11 group, which works on wireless local area network standards, endorsed the creation of an AIML Standing Committee. This body is tasked with oversight of AI and machine learning in Wi-Fi systems, from use case analysis to the feasibility and application of new AIML features. It is also responsible for generating reports and steering the standardization activities related to AIML in wireless networks.

InterDigital's Support and Vision

Rajesh Pankaj, the Chief Technology Officer at InterDigital, expressed confidence in Wang’s abilities to lead the committee. He commended Wang for his noteworthy achievements and ongoing contributions to the field of AIML and the development of wireless standards.

Wang's career also includes his role as the secretary for the IEEE 802.11 Enhanced Broadcasting Service Task Group (IEEE 802.11 TGbc), for which he earned the IEEE 802.11 TGbc Leadership Award.

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