Cognizant Leverages Microsoft Azure AI to Enhance Innovation with Bluebolt

Published January 16, 2024

Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH), has been making strides in the tech sector with the aid of a robust partnership network, notably its recent alliance with Microsoft (MSFT). The collaboration brought forth the Innovation Assistant, a state-of-the-art generative AI tool powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which is pivotal to Cognizant's Bluebolt innovation initiative.

This Innovation Assistant is an integral component of Bluebolt, a movement aimed at fostering grassroots innovation within the company. It provides Cognizant employees at varying levels within the company the opportunity to engage with and contribute to the innovation process, thereby enhancing creative problem-solving capabilities in a range of industry sectors.

With responsible AI as a guiding principle for its operations, Cognizant ensures that the Innovation Assistant upholds strict standards of security, safety, and ethical application. This reflects the company's commitment to leading-edge innovation while also prioritizing data integrity and client confidentiality.

Expanding Partner Base Bolsters Cognizant's Prospects

The stock for Cognizant has seen a 13.9% return, outperforming the 7.5% rise in the Zacks Computer & Technology sector over the last six months. This growth is in part due to an expanding client base which underscores Cognizant's commitment to innovation and responsible AI usage.

Cognizant's partnership ecosystem, which includes companies like Fortrea (FTRE) and ServiceNow (NOW), has been instrumental in propelling growth. The company has notably been selected by Fortrea, which focuses on enhancing digital systems for clinical development in the pharmaceutical and biotech realms.

Moreover, Cognizant has elevated its collaboration with ServiceNow, launching Telco Assurance 360—a solution designed to revolutionize telecommunications service management using cloud and AI technology. The acquisition of Thirdera by Cognizant further amplifies its ServiceNow capabilities and supports its ambition of creating a $1 billion AI-automation enterprise.

In addition, Cognizant secured a significant multi-year contract with Cambridge University Press & Assessment. This partnership is geared towards improving operational efficiency, maintaining examination standards, and promoting digital learning transformation via AI.

Cognizant’s Q4 Forecast Demonstrates Caution

Despite Cognizant’s progressive portfolio and collaborations contributing to its growth, there's some caution in its outlook. Notably, the company's financial services sector has shown signs of weakness, and overall spending rates are expected to be influenced by the challenging economic climate, which may impact revenue growth.

Projected fourth-quarter revenues for 2023 range between $4.69 billion and $4.82 billion, suggesting a potential decrease or minimal growth. The consensus estimate for the quarter's earnings remains at $1.04 per share, which reflects a dip from the previous year.

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